Program Overview

Get ongoing job search support from a team of recruiters & hiring managers until you get hired in your dream role in Canada.

  • 1

    Welcome to the Bootcamp!

  • 3

    1:1 Meetings with Instructors

    • How to Book a Session

    • 1:1 Session with Jessica about Personal Branding

    • 1:1 Session with Mher about Job Search Strategy

    • 1:1 Session with Sunny about Cover Letter

    • 1:1 Session with Karishma about Resume

    • 1:1 Session with Yauhan about Networking

    • 1:1 Session with Vanessa about Interview

  • 4

    Chapter 1: Stand out as International Students

    • Chapter 1: Introduction

    • Overcome International Student Challenges

    • Your Strengths as International Students

    • Personal Brand Audit

    • SWOT Analysis

    • Discover Your Strengths

    • Research Your Personal Brand

    • Exercise: Conduct Your Personal Brand

    • Build Your Success Inventory

    • Exercise: Success Inventory

    • Summary

  • 5

    Chapter 2: Find Your Target Job & Company

    • Chapter 2: Introduction

    • Proactive Job Search Strategy

    • How to Identify Target Positions

    • Exercise: Find Target Positions

    • How to Target Position for Permanent Residence

    • Reactive vs. Proactive Job Search

    • How to Research Target Company & Industry Trends

    • Exercise: Research Target Companies

    • Find Your Target Positions

    • Find your Dream Job Online - Full Job Boards Analysis

    • Download: Full Job Boards Analysis

    • Applying to Positions But Lack of Experience

    • How to Identify Skills to Develop

    • How to Build New Skills to Fill the Gaps

    • Download: Where to Find Volunteer Opportunities

    • Job Search Prioritization

    • Summary

  • 6

    Chapter 3 - Resume Optimization & Writing

    • Chapter 3: Introduction

    • Common Mistakes International Students Make

    • Resume's Do's & Don'ts

    • Download: Resume Do's and Don'ts

    • Perfect Resume Formula

    • Choose Your Ideal Resume Format

    • Download: Resume Templates (6 templates)

    • Resume Sections

    • Download: Resume Checklist

    • How to Personalize Resume to any Job

    • Resume Personalization Tools

    • Personalize Above the Fold

    • Personalize Experience Section

    • Writing Resume with English as a Second Language

    • Download: Useful Writing Tools

    • How to Write a Resume with No Experience

    • How to Write Resume with No Canadian Experience

    • How to Write a Resume with International Experience

    • Download: Project-Based Resume Template (2 templates)

    • How to Optimize for Application Tracking System

    • Application Tracking System Score Check

    • What Makes Resume Stands Out

    • Accomplishment vs. Responsibility Statements

    • Accomplishments to Include on Resume

    • How to Quantify Accomplishments

    • How to Use Action Verbs

    • Download: 100 Power Verbs

    • Summary

    • Upload Video to Potential Employers

  • 7

    Mid Bootcamp Check-in

    • Help us help you better, fill out a survey

  • 8

    Chapter 4 - Cover Letter Writing

    • Cover Letter Chapter Introduction

    • What is a Cover Letter?

    • Cover Letter Basics

    • Download: Cover Letter Template

    • Download: Cover Letter Example

    • How to Write a Creative Opening Paragraph

    • Exercise: Writing an Opening Paragraph

    • How to Build Impactful Body Paragraphs

    • Recommended Body Paragraph Structure

    • Exercise: Write Body Paragraph Inventory

    • How to Write a Closing Paragraph

    • How to Customize Cover Letters

    • Exercise: Customize Your Cover Letter

    • Summary

  • 9

    Chapter 5 - Networking Strategy

    • Networking Chapter Introduction

    • Networking as an international student

    • Networking in Canada

    • Who We Should Network With

    • How to Find People to Network with in Canada

    • Coffee Chat Do's and Don'ts

    • LinkedIn Message & Cold Email

    • How to Network with Hiring Managers

    • How to Network with Recruiters

    • How to Write a Networking Invitation

    • Download: Network with Recruiters Template

    • Download: Network with Senior Management Template

    • Download: Network with Former International Students Template

    • Download: Network with Alumni Template

    • Download: Network with Peers & Colleagues Template

    • Networking Request Messages Examples

    • Download: Networking Messages Real Examples

    • What to Talk About During Coffee Chat

    • Download: Ultimate Coffee Chat Conversation Guide

    • Making an Ask During a Networking Call

    • Introducing Yourself - Elevator Pitch

    • What to Do After a Networking Call

    • How to Retain Your Network

    • Summary

  • 10

    Chapter 6: Interview Preparation

    • Interview Chapter Introduction

    • Interview in Canada as International Student

    • Types of Job Interviews

    • Phone Interview Best Practice

    • How to Answer Phone Interview Questions

    • Canadian Phone Interview Etiquette

    • Phone Interview Sample Questions

    • Hiring Team Assessment Interview

    • Traditional Interview Questions

    • How to Answer Traditional Interview Questions

    • Traditional Interview Sample Questions

    • Behavioural Interview Questions

    • How to Answer Behavioural Interview Questions

    • Standard Interview Rating Scale

    • Behavioral Interview Sample Questions

    • Interview Answer Pro Tips

    • Case Interviews

    • Take-home Assignments

    • On-the-Spot Case Interview

    • How to Prepare for Any Job Interview

    • Interview Preparation Phases

    • How to Introduce Yourself at Job Interviews

    • How to Go Above and Beyond at Job Interviews

    • How to Ask Smart Questions at Interviews

    • Sample Questions to Ask During Interviews

    • What to Do After Job Interviews

    • Interview Follow-up Sample Message

    • Mock Interview Tips

    • How to Show Your International Student Values at Interviews

    • Summary

  • 11

    Chapter 7 - Job Search Project Management

    • Chapter 7: Introduction

    • Application Process & Components

    • End-to-End Application Phases

    • Pre-Application Process Overview

    • Timeline - Exercise

    • Job Search Timeline

    • How to Project Manage Your Job Search

    • Resource 1: Pre-application Excel Sheet

    • Resource 1: Demo

    • Resource 2: Application Status Tracker

    • Resource 2: Demo

    • Resource 3: Task & Deadline Management

    • Resource 3: Demo

    • Resource 4: Manage Your Network

    • Resource 4: Demo

    • Resource 4: Email set up

    • Summary

  • 12

    Way forward, together!

    • Congratulations! It's time to celebrate 🎉

    • Final Survey

Pricing options

We offer a money-back guarantee if you do not land a job 6 months after completing the program.


  • When should I enroll into this program?

    Whenever you plan to start a successful career in Canada. The sooner you join the program, the more help you will receive. For graduating international students, we recommend enrolling 6 months before your graduation.

  • What is a required time commitment?

    The good thing about this Bootcamp is you can start learning, pause, and continue at any time plus you will have access to everything forever. Including on-demand videos, assignments, and attending all office hour sessions allow up to 3 weeks to complete the whole program.

  • When are the office hours with program instructors?

    There are six office hours every month, about a couple of sessions every week. Each instructor host a dedicated 1-hour office hour every month so you can meet face-to-face with them. Upon enrolling, you will receive a full office hour schedule.

  • What is an office hour session?

    An office hour session is a live Zoom session in which you will meet directly with a program instructor. This is a space where you can get your application reviewed, get advice & guidance directly from a subject matter expert. We are here to help you until you get hired!

  • How will I know this will work for me? I signed up for similar programs before, and I’m still stuck.

    You are not alone. Most international students struggle in the job search and recruitment process. The Isempower Bootcamp is personalized for international students, by professionals and experts who were once international students themselves. We already lived through the challenges you’re facing and the mistakes you’re probably making – and we are here to help you succeed.

  • What if I need to drop out? Is there a refund?

    We get it. Sometimes, life gets in the way. We won’t be able to give you a refund, but you can contact us at and we’ll work on a solution personalized to your needs.

  • Can I still apply if I’m not an international student?

    Yes, of course! This program is helpful for any international job seeker who wants to improve their job prospects in Canada.

  • Do you guarantee job placement?

    We believe in our program that it works! That's why we offer a money-back guarantee if 6 months after completing the program and you still don't land a job. Note that you have to be eligible to work in Canada.

  • How does the monthly payment work?

    Monthly instalment payment makes it easier for you to afford our program. You are required to pay the full 4 payments.